YENMAK has started the production of cylinder liners, pistons, piston pins and rings in 1965 and since then it is constantly developing its production line and improving quality. Recently they started supplying bearings and valves. Today Yenmak is producing dry and wet engine cylinder liners for water and air cooled diesel engines with the diameters 65 mm-150 mm.

During the 50 years of existence, YENMAK has continually evolved; they put the emphasis onto the work, investment and quality and widening the range of the wet, dry and air-cooled cylinder liners and pistons for all types of vehicles.

Yenmak is marketing %38 of its production in internal market to offiial institutions and spare parts market and marketing %62 of its production to 58 countries, essentially Germany, France and USA as OEM and spare parts.

YENMAK assortment includes: pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, engine assemblies, bearings...