It is the largest manufacturer of steering and suspension parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe. They produce 90 000 products per working day, which is about 2 million units per month, of 5,000 reference articles. Up to 70% of production Teknorot offers under its own brand, especially in Europe, where they are per production capacity in the fist place.

Thanks to the research and development sector, they are introducing about 300 new references per year. For example they were fist to offer control arm for Ford Focus III, Ford Kuga, and Land Rover Evoque to aftermarket.

The most modern production facilities, laboratories and research centres with hundreds of technologists, engineers and professionals, is located in Turkey.

By constantly investing in the development and quality control system, ranks in the top offer on the world market. They export to over 50 countries

Product range: tie rod ends, ball joints, axial joints, link stabilizers, wishbones, track control arms, sets of aluminium steering and suspension parts.

The products have certificates of the highest quality :
ISO/TS 16949:2009
ISO 9001:2008