PRS is producing tie rod ends, axial joints, ball joints, stabilizer links, track control arms as well as metal sheet wishbones. Its OEM customers guarantee the products’ quality. Production takes place in their factories.

The company has all the necessary CAD-CAE and measuring devices in order to develop and manufacture new products with hundreds of engineers working on testing and the constant development of quality.

PRS factory round out the whole process of making parts: from forging steel, machining, mould design and manufacturing, to the processing of cold deformation of sheet metal, robotized welding and control in the most technologically advanced laboratories.

The company is the supplier of original parts to the renowned car manufacturers (Ford, Fiat, PSA, Toyota, Mercedes Land Rover ...)

The products have certificates of the highest quality :
TSE/ISO/EN -14000
ISO/TS 16949
Q1 - Ford Motor Company