Since 1985 KAVO is the trend setting supplier of Japanese and Korean car parts for the European aftermarket. The company is located in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Most of the products are sold under the brand KAVO Parts; the only exceptions are the AMC fiters and NWB wiper blades.

KAVO is a synonym for quality car parts supplier of Asian vehicles, with outstanding level of service, OE quality, more than 25 years of experience as a specialist for Asian vehicles and has the most complete range of parts for Asian vehicles.

The assortment consists of: fiters, water pumps, brake discs, brake pads, brake hoses, clutches, CV joints and CV boots, distribution parts, steering and suspension parts, radiator caps, thermostats, wheel bearings, electrical parts and wiper blades.

Manufacturers who manufacture the assortment are: GMB, Aisin, NPW, MK Kashiama, Mitsubosi and other manufacturers of original parts (OE).

Thanks to its long-standing cooperation with Asian OE manufacturers, KAVO can guarantee high quality products. Our company works with many OE suppliers. Therefore, KAVO can offer a three-year warranty on its products. Our producers are ISO/TS 16949 certified, ensuring continuous quality and complying with REACH legislation. KAVO is ISO certified according to the latest ISO standards. It is also certified by the Russian government’s NAMI-FOND and by the Ukrainian state road transport research institute, DerzhavtotransNDIproekt.