Dayco is an absolute world leader in the research, design, manufacturing and distribution of a broad range of belts, tensioners and pulleys for the automotive, trucking, construction, agricultural and industrial markets both for OEM and aftermarket. They have earned the status by providing the most advanced technical and technological solutions for its clients - the world’s major automotive manufacturers, as well as by guaranteeing the highest quality and the reliability of their systems for the vehicles. Dayco continuously invests in materials and the development of innovative solutions such as HT timing belt with PTFE coating for latest generation of diesel engines. Dayco Belts are made from top quality materials which provide optimum resistance to the repeated bending, use of pulleys with a smaller diameter, high transfer rates, a high coeffiient of friction, reduced slippage. They have high temperature, oil, grease, chemicals, ozone resistance. All that enables energy savings and longer belt life

Ford 1.0 EcoBoost engine for the third year in a row won the „International Engine of the Year 2014” with a Dayco built „Belt in Oil” innovation of fist timing belt that operates in oil

Dayco assortment includes: HT (High Tenacity) timing belts, V-belts, Poly-V belts, timing belt kits, tensioners, pulleys, alternator free wheels, dampers, hoses...

The products have certificates of the highest quality:
ISO/TS 16944:2009
ISO 9001:2009
ISO 14001:2004


PV BELT Flexible design and manufacturing strategy matches material to application, utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies. EPDM Compound High Underhood Temperatures Resists Ozone Contamination Less Slippage Runs Cooler Aramid Reinforcement

TIMING BELT Belts feature self-lubricating fabric, specialized fibreglass or hybrid cord and uniquely developed compound for operation, long life and high durability and abrasion resistance. Patented Self Lubricating Fabric High Tensile Strength Cord Molded Cog Design High Temperature

PV Tensioner Highly efficient, quiet and durable tensioner that matches the required application performance level. These tensioners, in combination with our dampers, belts, friction wheel clutches, isolator and other components, work in concert at the system level so that Dayco's technology reduces vibration and friction, which leads to a more efficient and greener accessory drive. Unique Spring Design Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Spring Case Steel Pivot Tube Proprietary Arm Plate Dampening